In the gallery you will find images created by designers and typographers to express the essence of the type and convey their take on a particular typeface.

Designed after the work of Giambattista Bodoni, an 18th century typographer. Bodoni is a good representative of the Modern typeface.

Designed after the work of William Caslon, circa 1732, this is an archetypal Old Style font.

Designed in 1990 by Neville Brody, one of the most influential designers of the eighties and nineties.

Designed by Adrian Frutiger in 1957, this typeface is the archetypical sans serif font.

Dr. No
Designed by Ian Anderson of the Designers Republic in 1992, it is a typeface that pushes the limits of legibility without conforming to the cliches of grunge typography.

Designed by Conor Mangat in 1993. Platelet is a good example of Post Modern type design and the effect of Emigre on contemporary typography.

Designed by Adrian Frutiger, OCRB is a sans serif face designed for optical character recognition adapted for human readers.

Designed in 1996 by Taylor Deupree to cross legible text fonts with experimental typographic elements. Often looks "normal" at first glance, but shows its unique elements subtly.

Designed by Alexander Smith in 1996, this typeface was inspired by a drainplate in Central Park.

Designed by Matthew Carter for Linotype in 1965. Carter derived the typeface from the handwriting of Charles Snell, the English writing master and author.

Originally designed by Howard Kettler for IBM and redrawn by Adrian Frutiger, Courier is the prototypical typewriter font, and one of the most popular fixed-width fonts.

MoonBase Alpha
Designed by Cornel Windlin for Fuse in 1993. Derived from bitmapped printouts, this font is designed for graphic form rather than superior legibility.

Clarendon was designed by Hermann Eidendenz in 1951, adapted from Robert Besley's original design done in 1845 for Thorowgood & Beseley.

Designed by Marius Watz to resemble the style of fonts used in early Space Invaders games. Protozoan delight - a fist full of fun.

Designed by Magnus Rakeng in 1995. An aerodynamic font for the next millennium. Available from Magnus Rakeng