9 : 4 9 A M

See last week I got this email from a virtual friend saying that Petra DeKant was looking for a young designer in her group.

Back up. Petra DeKant is like the best graphic artist in the world. At least in my opinion. I would give anything to work for her. She's the one who does those word constructions you might have seen in galleries in Soho if you live around here and have any interest in that kind of thing.

Dear Ms DeKant, Before you hire that junior designer, please take a look at This Girl, my web site and all around advertisement/confessional space devoted incessantly and somewhat problematically to myself.

The next day I was out and about when I called in to get my messages and there was one from Petra DeKant the grand dame herself. I called her back right away.

I figured the street noise would add a sense of cavalier devilmaycare to my phone call. "Look, I don't have a lot of time, Petra, because I'm enormously busy and important. So let's get to the point..."

No, that's not what I said, btw.