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I didn't get to talk to Her Holiness,
only her assistant, some creepy sounding sycophant named Jules. I was to come in on Thursday for an interview. Which was the next day.

The offices of DeKant Graphics are somewhere in midtown Manhattan's imposing media canyon of male-dominated penis-like structures housing media worker drones in conditions that one day will be illegal. I got there on time (miracle!) but then I had to wait about an hour in Petra's slick reception area.

It was just like going to the doctor when I was a kid except for there weren't any Highlights magazines around. (I still rate boyfriends as either Goofuses or Gallants, but more on that later.)

Finally Jules came and ushered me back into the inner sanctum, where puffs of smoke rose around a huge holographic projection of Petra's head. There I was, in the office of The Great and Powerful.