Right now you are probably thinking, "Why do I want to be a virgin? When I was a virgin I was dying to lose it, why should I find it now?" There are some benefits from being a virgin that you probably haven't considered.

  • Orgasms experienced by recovered virgins are 200% stronger than those by non-virgins.

  • After regaining their virginity, 34.8% of the users claimed that food tasted better.

  • In Italy, where the response to SRV has been extremely high, the murder rate has dropped 23.7%.

  • The death rate among virgins is 300% lower than that among non-virgins.

  • After completing the virgination process, users' cholesterol level has decreased by an average of 12.4%

  • The average household income of non-virgins is 34.6% lower than that of virgins.

  • Newly-recovered virgins test 79.3% higher on the Rhouter-Stanly IQ test.

  • Virgins are 86.1% less likely to get into hazardous automobile accidents.

  • Hair loss is 45.6% less prevalent among male virgins than non-virgins.

  • 67% of all American Olympians are virgins.

  • Mother Theresa and the Pope are virgins.

  • Extensive testing has shown weight loss is substantially easier while you are a virgin.

  • Donald Trump first started off as a virgin.

But the benefits go beyond clinical statistics. People who have found their virginity using the VRS 3000 are happier, more confident, and have higher self-esteem. If you don't believe us, believe them.

It's never too late to GET IT BACK!

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