I receive thousands of letters from recovered virgins every day. Hearing their words makes my job worthwhile. Below is just a sampling of the success stories we have received:

"I lead an active lifestyle and can't let anything get in my way. So when my lost virginity began to slow me down, I called SRV. Now nothing can stop me!"
Anthony Luciano - Tampa, Florida

"For months I felt empty inside, nothing had any meaning for me. I thought it was all my fault. Finally I saw a doctor and he told me about SRV. Now I feel whole again. Thanks SRV!"
Barbara Pickens - Minneapolis, Minnesota

"Close friends think I lost weight or got a haircut. They can't identify what's different. It's my little secret."
Judy Tasara - Summit, New Jersey

"After I recaptured my virginity, I was so moved by the experience that I composed a ballad especially for SRV. Now I know virginity is the true key to my creative inspiration. I humbly give you the Get'n it Back Ballad."
Mark Martin - Rochester, New York

"I was seventeen and drunk for the first time -- not at all what I had dreamt of. I wanted to do it over the right way. I came to SRV and told them my story and they said, "No problem". And they were right, now I can say I lost my virginity the way I dreamt I would."
Edith Dubin - Boise, Idaho

"This is my fifty-fourth time to GET IT BACK! My boyfriend only has sex with virgins. This was a problem for me at first. But now after an evening of sex, I go to GET IT BACK! Every time is the first time for me."
Thomas Phillips - Seattle, Washington

"At first I was apprehensive because it was such a big change. I hadn't been a virgin for over 50 years. I tried and it was painless and easy, even for an old-timer like me. It's never too late to be a virgin again!"
Lee Morrison - Bernheim, Nebraska

"I was a little worried about telling my family at first. But when my mom found out, she was so proud of me. She cried when I told her that I had got my virginity back!"
Katherine Crowder - Brighton, Mass

"I remember saying to my sister, 'A computer that gets back your virginity? Impossible!' That was before I tried the VRS 3000. Now I am not only a believer, but a virgin too!"
Ralph Stouber - San Francisco, CA

"I'm 27 and I have two children from a previous marriage. As a mother, I felt I had let my children down by not being a virgin. They were ashamed to tell other kids. I thought that there was no way I could ever get it back. But thanks to SRV, my kids and I can walk down the street with our heads held high."
Caitlin Gilbert - Pasadena, California

"I'm Catholic and had lost my virginity before getting married. I was sure I was going straight to hell, but I talked to my priest and he laughed and said, 'Salvation through SRV, my child.' I'm an angel now!"
Mary Sabucci - Venice, Italy

It's never too late to GET IT BACK!

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