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luke from WI
Tue Nov 13 08:53:50 EST 2001

charlie from here
Mon Nov 12 10:32:05 EST 2001
look its me

Raven from Jupiter
Mon Nov 12 10:30:15 EST 2001
hahaha.... this page is very odd.. and its scary i think that it is very informative.. but its very.. strange, everything should be put together a lot better... thank you :)

Raven from Jupiter
Mon Nov 12 10:29:42 EST 2001
hahaha.... this page is very odd.. and its scary i think that it is very informative.. but its very.. strange, everything should be put together a lot better... thank you :)

Raven from Jupiter
Mon Nov 12 10:29:25 EST 2001
hahaha.... this page is very odd.. and its scary i think that it is very informative.. but its very.. strange, everything should be put together a lot better... thank you :)

nazira from England
Sun Nov 11 08:15:46 EST 2001

ngle from m'sia
Sat Nov 10 11:15:34 EST 2001
Really gave me a big help!!!....... *^-^*

reggie from oz student
Fri Nov 9 21:03:31 EST 2001
Hmmm I'm in research now and get beautiful information and illustration from this site. thx guys. veru very great sites!! cheers :)

Jules MK Hong from KOREA
Fri Nov 9 03:52:26 EST 2001
I had many feeling, Idea... Cool Site!!!

areaf from Malaysia
Thu Nov 8 22:43:45 EST 2001
cool site!

areaf from Malaysia
Thu Nov 8 22:19:04 EST 2001
cool site!

areaf from Malaysia
Thu Nov 8 22:14:53 EST 2001
cool site!

Non from Wales
Thu Nov 8 13:49:50 EST 2001
Just what i needed to inspire me for my personal study at A-level. Thanks

wakaoji from philippines
Thu Nov 8 04:19:36 EST 2001
This is just what i'm looking 4. U really are a big help.

wakaoji from philippines
Thu Nov 8 04:17:18 EST 2001
This is just what i'm looking 4. U really are a big help.

stephen from Ireland
Wed Nov 7 14:31:31 EST 2001
i suppose three times is ripping the ass-hole out of it

stephen from Ireland
Wed Nov 7 14:30:43 EST 2001
sweet, you can do this twice

stephen from Ireland
Wed Nov 7 14:28:21 EST 2001
very helpful to my project

k e i t h from LSU
Tue Nov 6 15:30:37 EST 2001
nice use and explanation of type! [i'm sorry Tyler hates himself...]

Tyler n from tylern
Tue Nov 6 11:11:55 EST 2001
I Hate myself and i wish someone would just kill me

asdf from asdf
Tue Nov 6 11:11:12 EST 2001

Matthew Livsey from Leeds, England
Mon Nov 5 17:27:09 EST 2001
Web site is full of very usefull information

peter from CPG Inc
Mon Nov 5 12:20:36 EST 2001
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Fri Nov 2 12:21:30 EST 2001

Daniel Henrique Costa dos Santos Oliveira from Brazil
Thu Nov 1 13:31:20 EST 2001
Very good

nicky_qq from uni
Tue Oct 30 08:42:11 EST 2001
i agree with jody, 'coz i'm her friend and coursemate !

jody from uni
Tue Oct 30 08:25:49 EST 2001
i came here beacause my tutor told me to gosh you guys really know your stuff

Ester from M'sia
Mon Oct 29 23:14:31 EST 2001
It is a good and systematic site!!!

Sharnsy from Sydney, Australia
Mon Oct 29 22:06:50 EST 2001
Thanx... Great site... Im curently putting a book on type together for a school brief... this site has been way handy!

Boine & Garbarek from Norway
Mon Oct 29 04:13:53 EST 2001
Very nice and informative!

rob from robism@skin-deep.fsnet.co.uk
Sat Oct 27 03:04:46 EDT 2001
thanks for a dynamic site. While casting about on the net to gain information for my HNC your's answered more questions in one click than I could have hoped for. I'll be back

retham from wigan
Thu Oct 25 15:25:01 EDT 2001
what is typography

dannie smith from lanham,Maryland
Wed Oct 24 22:06:26 EDT 2001
so many elegent fonts to choose I hope more come soon.

Tracy call from Toronto, Canada
Wed Oct 24 21:43:03 EDT 2001
I liked your site alot. I'm a designer, (who else would spend time waiting for words to appear), and found your site very interesting. You've got me thinking about dinamic type a little more. In particular, how I can play with type to make it more of a visual mesage unto itself. For example, when I sign my name here at the bottom, can you guess what kind of person I am? TrAcY

Quy Nguyen from North Richland Hill
Wed Oct 24 10:47:43 EDT 2001
Gee, the great site that i have never seen. One more thing, it's organized very well.

Noodle Nugget from Noodle Town
Wed Oct 24 04:45:48 EDT 2001

Slon from sp
Tue Oct 23 19:46:25 EDT 2001
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Slon from sp
Tue Oct 23 19:45:55 EDT 2001
hello girls

solon from sp
Tue Oct 23 19:45:07 EDT 2001
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matheus from So Paulo/Brasil
Tue Oct 23 19:17:09 EDT 2001

cecilia from so paulo/brazil
Tue Oct 23 19:13:49 EDT 2001

Lynne Kemish from ND Graphic Design Student, Lincoln University
Tue Oct 23 18:06:39 EDT 2001
Brilliant! Not too good for printing off, an easy print version giving the main points would be useful for students like me.

Lynne Kemish from ND Graphic Design Student, Lincoln University
Tue Oct 23 18:05:20 EDT 2001
Brilliant! Not too good for printing off, an easy print version giving the main points would be useful for students like me.

Anthony O'Brien from Bray Co.Wicklow Ireland
Mon Oct 22 05:24:38 EDT 2001

Aaron Doyle from Dublin; Ireland
Sun Oct 21 14:24:26 EDT 2001
This is a very well put together web-site. Very easy to navigate and full of great information. This site has helped me out so much and I'd just like to say Thank you.

Lissette Marn M from Merida; Mexico
Sat Oct 20 14:16:54 EDT 2001
This web is excellente about the evolucion and important topic about typography.

el sergio from mexico
Sat Oct 20 02:36:10 EDT 2001
esta muy chido todo, metanle mas fuentes nuevas

Spade_81 from Andromeda S324
Fri Oct 19 20:02:41 EDT 2001
I don't have words to say how much your site helped me.Really nice work here in evry way!

ross from manchester england
Thu Oct 18 12:31:14 EDT 2001
cool site. all i needed to know and i enjoyed finding it!!

Markus Hbner from world-direct.com
Thu Oct 18 09:47:31 EDT 2001
This is really a valuable contribution to convey the importance of typography.

Aurola from seoul, South Korea
Wed Oct 17 22:00:54 EDT 2001
very good!~^^~

sung gene chang from south KOREA
Tue Oct 16 23:46:37 EDT 2001
typographic is not a graphic! typographic is an impression!

chee wee, yong from cheewee71@yahoo.com
Tue Oct 16 21:05:50 EDT 2001
I found a great impact and exiting from myself. For anybody who want to know more about typographic, this is the best web page for you to start your journey.

stian from stavanger
Tue Oct 16 08:41:11 EDT 2001
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stian from stavanger
Tue Oct 16 08:40:41 EDT 2001
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Spraymond Woodstone from Forus vgs/Stavanger/Norway
Tue Oct 16 08:37:38 EDT 2001
Hello!! Stian has a Boner! hehehe... Great site!

Sam Huang from Taiwan
Sat Oct 13 12:49:57 EDT 2001

Nanang G. from Jakarta Institute Of Art, Jakarta Indonesia
Fri Oct 12 18:25:48 EDT 2001
Great Site!

A Riley from Canberra Austalian capital
Thu Oct 11 19:40:57 EDT 2001
Absolutly fantastic! I found all the info I needed for my assignment. Thanks keep it up!

Saravanan Padua from Bangalore
Thu Oct 11 09:27:34 EDT 2001
The best info one could get on Typo

anna eiriksdottir from ICELAND
Wed Oct 10 16:13:56 EDT 2001
great page !!

Sharkytrs from England
Wed Oct 10 04:54:53 EDT 2001
Great site for info on my college assighnments

vique from nederland
Tue Oct 9 04:06:14 EDT 2001

Muriel Campanha from Brasil
Mon Oct 8 16:20:11 EDT 2001
Finally I found a site so interresting about typography......

Luis Fernando Gmez from Argentina
Sun Oct 7 21:28:48 EDT 2001
Me gusto el site y en particular los trabajos que se exponen en la galeria. Chau gracias.

nathan williams from gods own country..South Wales, UK..gwaun-cae-gurwen
Sun Oct 7 12:19:43 EDT 2001
i do not feel i have wisdom enough yet to love what is ugly.(or beautiful). thanks...

Fri Oct 5 17:37:05 EDT 2001

Katrina Church from Oklahoma USA
Fri Oct 5 15:55:58 EDT 2001
Great Site!!

BlackSun Software from Belgium
Fri Oct 5 10:47:01 EDT 2001
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ainur Pe Rofiq from Jakarta, Indonesia
Fri Oct 5 08:23:47 EDT 2001
Verry sharp!!! Amazing, good job

amyB. from portland, or, usa
Thu Oct 4 13:43:07 EDT 2001
great presentation of some essential information. very cool site!

Sungkyung from Taegu, South Korea
Thu Oct 4 08:59:20 EDT 2001
Cool site, very very good

Angel Sum from Hong Kong, China
Wed Oct 3 03:53:29 EDT 2001
Cool site !! more colorful will be better

the rooster from wellington, nz
Tue Oct 2 22:32:26 EDT 2001
very nice site - well structured - good navigation, and i especially liked the gallery. Not just an ordinary font database.

kate roberts from Blackburn College
Sun Sep 30 12:00:31 EDT 2001
A superb site well structured, informative and educational stylish and user-freindly interface/navigation

KSJ from Busan,KOREA
Sat Sep 29 10:21:37 EDT 2001
attractive site!! õҸ Ʈ̳׿^^

Victoria Godfrey from www.biomni.com, UK
Fri Sep 28 12:25:00 EDT 2001
As a Deisgn Manager I found it useful for training new recruits... with little or no experience in typographic design.

Paul Thomas from Llanelli, s-wales, uk
Fri Sep 28 04:54:37 EDT 2001
i am a BA graphic design student and finding this site very useful for my research unit

Shun Kit Hui, Johnny from Hong Kong
Thu Sep 27 06:04:07 EDT 2001
Innovative, interesting and attractive typo website for beginners and professional. It'd be nice to have some more designers' work there. Highly recommended for those who treat type as an art and for those who think typographic design is a bored task.

Caroline Boardman from Bolton
Wed Sep 26 08:19:44 EDT 2001
this site has help me a lot 2 do my typography work!

claya cottam from burnley
Wed Sep 26 08:16:38 EDT 2001
this az helped me a lot wiv my work

betsy from ward
Mon Sep 24 19:59:14 EDT 2001
Such a good job! Am using it as a research tool for my community college students.

Ryan from Ireland
Mon Sep 24 12:22:31 EDT 2001
Very useful site as I'm a graphic design student.

Aine Ryan from Waterford, Ireland
Mon Sep 24 12:22:06 EDT 2001
Very useful site as I'm a graphic design student.

meow from thailand
Sat Sep 22 04:00:39 EDT 2001
great !

meow from thailand
Sat Sep 22 03:59:44 EDT 2001
great !

ryangeorge from VancouveR, BRitsH ColumBIA
Thu Sep 20 15:44:50 EDT 2001
This stirs the creative juices in my head.

Cassie from Pittsburgh, USA
Thu Sep 20 08:15:03 EDT 2001
I love this site!

Gabrielle from New Zealand
Wed Sep 19 22:07:36 EDT 2001
Quite inspirational - will refer to it time and time again!

Gabrielle from New Zeland
Wed Sep 19 22:07:00 EDT 2001
Quite inspirational - will refer to it time and time again!

Elizabeth from USA
Wed Sep 19 12:54:39 EDT 2001
I have always been fascinated by typography and particularly handwriting. I thoroughly enjoyed this site and I appreciate your research and presentation.

rendi from indonesia
Tue Sep 18 11:56:25 EDT 2001
great work!!!

Aimee Williams from Surrey
Tue Sep 18 07:06:07 EDT 2001
A well laid out site but needs more written information on the history.

Alessandro Segalini from Helsinki
Tue Sep 18 04:19:51 EDT 2001
Letter is the beginning of life ...

pauline from new york city
Mon Sep 17 12:27:29 EDT 2001
great site and info...

pauline from new york city
Mon Sep 17 12:26:15 EDT 2001
great site and info...

Alessandro Segalini from Helsinki
Mon Sep 17 10:48:01 EDT 2001
Letter is the benninig of life I'm proud !

Alessandro Segalini from Helsinki
Mon Sep 17 10:47:36 EDT 2001
Letter is the benninig of life I'm proud !

pimprapai from thailand
Sat Sep 15 12:29:05 EDT 2001
very fine thanks for infomation about typogrphic

Vicky Chou from San Francisco
Fri Sep 14 14:14:21 EDT 2001
its a cool site!!!!!!!!!!!I love it and its useful for my project.

zAhEb aHmEd from PaKiStAn
Wed Sep 12 17:23:12 EDT 2001
this site if just unbelievable!keep it up mr webmaster!

Toby from UK
Wed Sep 12 17:19:09 EDT 2001

simon from uk
Wed Sep 12 06:56:28 EDT 2001
nice very fun

orson from malaysia
Wed Sep 12 02:46:58 EDT 2001
1 word 2 express "perfect" i'm so proud 2b a graphic studentin year 2000

orson from malaysia
Wed Sep 12 02:45:04 EDT 2001
yeh i'm so very pleased that 2b a g.design student in kl at malaysia. this web had help me a lot....ha...ha......

mark strand from minnesota state university moorhead
Tue Sep 11 11:50:46 EDT 2001
a beautifully done site. this will be extremely useful to my students of layout and typography. thanks! from a person who rarely uses exclamation points.

Stephanie Woehrmann from Hollister, CA
Sat Sep 8 22:29:39 EDT 2001
Thank you!

Lisa Hudkins from Barkhamsted, Conneticut
Sat Sep 8 20:38:54 EDT 2001
I am pleased to be able to have such flexibility with the print.

Lisa Hudkins from Barkhamsted, Conneticut
Sat Sep 8 20:37:06 EDT 2001
I just love the way you can express such feeling and emotion by just changing the print.

Luis Fernando from Argentina
Wed Sep 5 22:04:42 EDT 2001
Muy bueno, me gusto.

Emma Hopley from Manchester
Wed Sep 5 16:43:45 EDT 2001
Gr8 site for my research on typography 4 my 10,000 word disitation, thanx. Im proud 2b a HND GRAPHIC DESIGN STUDENT

pojie from malaysia
Wed Sep 5 16:16:13 EDT 2001
nice.....i'm very lucky to be a art and design student

errman@aspedo lalalalala from malaysia
Wed Sep 5 16:13:39 EDT 2001
fantastic.....for me as a art and design student

errman@aspedo lalalalala from malaysia
Wed Sep 5 16:13:36 EDT 2001
fantastic.....for me as a art and design student

Tara from Iowa
Wed Sep 5 15:09:18 EDT 2001
I am doing a speech for my advanced speech class on typography and was searching for information on it. This site was SO helpful... thanks, keep up the great work. -*tara

Shayna Serrette from Trinidad and Tobago
Wed Sep 5 15:06:54 EDT 2001
I'm doing Visual Communications Design at the John S. Donaldson Technical Institute. I was given a research paper to do on the developlment of Typography. Your site was very helpful.

Jessica Garcia from San Diego, Ca
Wed Sep 5 12:16:52 EDT 2001
I am a student at Point Loma Nazarene Universtiy and am doing a design project and your page was great!!! Thanks

Sarah Reiwitch from Exploratorium
Tue Sep 4 14:24:44 EDT 2001
Dear Authors of "Typographic," Congratulations! Your Web site, "Typographic" has won the Exploratorium's Ten Cool Sites Award for educational excellence for September, 2001. To pick up your award, please email sarahr@exploratorium.edu Thanks for contributing such a great site to the Web! Sarah Reiwitch Multimedia Developer Exploratorium http://www.exploratorium.edu

Donna, Kim from South Korea
Fri Aug 31 05:34:33 EDT 2001
Oh, My God! Really Cool and What I wanted.

Maria Zlotogwiazda from ARGENTINA
Thu Aug 30 21:36:22 EDT 2001

Yanina Piccolo from argentina
Thu Aug 30 13:30:15 EDT 2001
Very good site.Good time line. Thanks!!

Yanina Piccolo from argentina
Thu Aug 30 13:22:25 EDT 2001
fantastic and very good organizations

Flavia Coria from Argentina
Wed Aug 29 19:53:12 EDT 2001
this place is great, fantastic and very good organizations

Patricia Castro from Argentina
Wed Aug 29 08:17:41 EDT 2001
Great Site. Time line page was informative. The Gallery was great.

Gisela from Argentina
Tue Aug 28 21:45:52 EDT 2001

Santi Law from Bangkok, Thailand
Mon Aug 27 08:30:23 EDT 2001
Great ! This site is informative and evocative.

Rina from Toronto
Sat Aug 25 21:13:32 EDT 2001
Graphic Designer. Very Informative...

Rina Mattucci from Toronto
Sat Aug 25 21:10:02 EDT 2001
Graphic Designer Very Informative...

Anonymus Designer from India
Thu Aug 23 04:07:36 EDT 2001
Great Site. Time line page was informative. The Gallery was great.

Babak Chegeni from Tehrani
Wed Aug 22 01:24:19 EDT 2001
Khastam begam hame tehraniha kooniyand. love the site.

Peyman Moradi from Iran
Wed Aug 22 01:23:18 EDT 2001
love the site. I am doing Multimedia and i this site helped me alot. Love the front page.

Sonja from Atlanta
Mon Aug 20 20:22:02 EDT 2001
great for my research!

Suzanne Griffin from Houston, Texas
Mon Aug 20 19:10:18 EDT 2001
great synopsis site of type...but where did Franklin Gothic come in on the timeline?

carlos bonano from NewyorkCity
Sat Aug 18 16:36:27 EDT 2001
this is whats up// slash// banging//on and popin/// it's rap

Thordis Claessen from ICELAND
Tue Aug 14 15:22:16 EDT 2001
a hell of a site. Good timeline. - - Links to related pages?

Richard Greenwood from Burnley
Fri Aug 10 14:49:37 EDT 2001
Ok who from blackburn college is tryin to be me? aint funny!!and unfortunatley v.wrong bout me wantin to finsh my girlfriend u are sadly v.mistakin!!!

rice cheung from hong kong
Fri Aug 10 02:43:08 EDT 2001
love the timeline page, but what about the future stage?

Marcio Duarte from Editora Universidade de Brasilia, Brazil
Thu Aug 9 16:46:39 EDT 2001
Very cool site!!!

shu3n from PJ college of art & design, malaysia
Thu Aug 9 03:31:58 EDT 2001
too good that i can't read, only can feel it, hopefully can explore more in unrelease fonts...thanx

alice fitzgerald from dublin, ireland
Wed Aug 8 09:52:33 EDT 2001
what really amazed me was the amount of people who left comments so I thought I'd do the same.

zoe from uK
Tue Aug 7 20:43:34 EDT 2001

Graphic Girl from NYC
Tue Aug 7 14:37:05 EDT 2001
YOur deSigns are greAt, but your qUotes are sO PRETENTIOUS. It'S noT tHat Serious.

sarah hay from Australia
Sat Aug 4 21:31:02 EDT 2001
very informative, well designed site.

Fri Aug 3 22:03:16 EDT 2001

Mon Jul 9 08:39:24 EDT 2001

Mon Jul 9 08:37:24 EDT 2001

Debra Catterall from Blackburn
Thu Jul 5 07:36:43 EDT 2001
This web site is PAP ! I'll never visit it again coz I'm a mouse !!!!!!

Debra Catterall from Blackburn
Thu Jul 5 07:33:16 EDT 2001
This web site is PAP ! I'll never visit it again coz I'm a mouse !!!!!!

david alamos jasso from Tecate, B.C. Mxico
Tue Jul 3 19:54:20 EDT 2001
Never is typography gonna be boring again thanx to the site creators and content developers. Keep up the work

Natalie Wilshaw from Florida, USA
Tue Jul 3 03:01:54 EDT 2001
Great site keep up the good work.

Lorna Hancock from Stoke-on-Trent
Tue Jul 3 03:00:00 EDT 2001
Exellent site you can get everything you need And it helps me with my home work Because I am only in year 7 at Brownhills high school in tunstall Stoke-On-Trent

Joakim Sorthe from Oslo, Norway
Mon Jul 2 16:55:21 EDT 2001
Very nice site. Very helpful in my Extended Essay about typography. Thanks

Luisa from Argetina
Sun Jul 1 12:44:02 EDT 2001
I'm student desingn.Thanks for this inspirating. Keep it up!

Jean Huot from Sherbrooke (Qubec) Canada
Thu Jun 28 14:53:24 EDT 2001
The history of typography ought to be known better. This site proposes an interesting survey of typography. A must for web designers and HTML writers.

Poul from somewhere as secret as yours
Thu Jun 28 02:02:53 EDT 2001
A fine website! How about identifying yourselves ??

Deni from BrisVegas
Wed Jun 27 21:52:38 EDT 2001
Typographic as inspiration of a growing appreciation of the content *in* style, as much as the style of content...(Thankyou!)

Kabes from Singapore
Mon Jun 25 18:46:10 EDT 2001
An interesting site you have here. :) Keep up the good work. Feel free to drop in Scopes Design at http://www22.brinkster.com/scopesdesign. :)

Cristiane/ Zukinha from Brazil
Sat Jun 23 13:23:00 EDT 2001
This site helped me a lot at my work!Thanks

ZU from UITM
Sat Jun 23 08:34:58 EDT 2001

Catherine Ndiaye from St. Gallen, Switzerland
Wed Jun 20 05:50:31 EDT 2001
Very nice web design !!! Interesting navigation. There could be more content...

david alamos from desgarra design
Mon Jun 18 21:36:46 EDT 2001
keep up growing this interesting page

Suzanne Acuna from Blackwater, Arizona
Thu Jun 14 17:48:25 EDT 2001
I'll never look at the written word in the same way ever.

Mark Barrett from New Zealand working London
Thu Jun 14 10:45:23 EDT 2001
Great work. Keep it up

Madmatt from Imdonesia
Tue Jun 12 13:02:09 EDT 2001
Nice Site

robert cox from Cumbria College of Art & Design, UK
Thu Jun 7 11:28:00 EDT 2001
Enjoyable, fun, fairly clear, navigation of structure could be easier keep it up

Jen from Australia
Tue Jun 5 14:19:06 EDT 2001
love the webpage design.

D.G. Hugo Alberto Sosa from Uruguay
Mon Jun 4 15:17:45 EDT 2001
Excelent site.

Tyler Murphy from Missouri
Mon Jun 4 09:45:40 EDT 2001
Great Site, full of information, I took a type class, and this was a nice refresher.

Maria Mir from Spain
Sat Jun 2 06:25:49 EDT 2001
Excellent Web site design, very concise and informative. Web muy recomendable para los enamorados de la tipografa.

sunny chan from canada
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Tetsuro Ishizaka from japan
Wed May 30 10:38:54 EDT 2001
now i have been in NY for 7 month and i'm gonna go FIT part time class. it's typographic class i love typographic so i like this page. my job is graphic design. so i find out the good design site and font. it's good for me to study design. by the way , my site has japanese myth font. check it out also!! www5a.biglobe.ne.jp/~kiriku/ this is site of japanese design unit . anyway i sometimes look at here.

Matt Evans from The Big Smoke
Wed May 30 09:09:09 EDT 2001
Has anyone ever heard of impact? i heard its a brand new font & may do justice to my design work / pub flyers etc? its really contemporary....

Richard Firth from Peterborough
Wed May 30 08:59:21 EDT 2001
I am looking for a font called brushscript, it's for my personal stationery...

Matt Evans from London
Wed May 30 08:39:32 EDT 2001
Have youheard of a typeface called universe? its really nice, do you know where i can get it?

mariana from argentina
Sat May 26 23:42:09 EDT 2001
I'm student design, in my opinion it's a great site

marianna from lebanon
Wed May 23 03:30:12 EDT 2001
great work it helped me a lot! thxs :)

Mark from South Africa, Pretoria
Tue May 22 16:31:30 EDT 2001
Thanks SO much. I had an assignment on typography, and this website helped me GREATLY! Thanks again. Keep it up!

Rizza from San Diego
Mon May 21 22:16:00 EDT 2001
I really like your site. It was extremely helpful for my report on typography. You have a lot of interesting and useful information, and your site is beautiful and easy to navigate. Keep up the good work.

James from Brazil
Sun May 20 05:25:32 EDT 2001
Very well done! Clean, stylish, informative, and utterly beautiful! I'm recommending it to my students, and they all love it!

Mark from webleycity
Sat May 19 13:11:42 EDT 2001
Brilliant source of type reference in detail and design. Do you guys sell type. I would like to use you guys frequently. m_webley71@hotmail.com

Atiruj Kittiphadakul from ThaiLand
Fri May 18 13:40:59 EDT 2001
It's open my eye my brain.I love this web.

Ta$kIRanOgLu,F. from CAD programme YILDIZ tech, Istanbul
Thu May 17 16:15:56 EDT 2001
informative, well laid out. a good source for typography. Great! ftaski@yahoo.com

Nitin Ahlawat from India, New Delhi
Wed May 16 03:03:34 EDT 2001
Cool work man......I know it's personal liking but still could you please talk about the uses

Gonzalo Gmez from Argentina
Tue May 15 00:43:35 EDT 2001
Its a great site to learn about typographic history.

wan from Malaysia - optionz interactive http://www.optionz.net
Mon May 14 13:34:30 EDT 2001
such a nice n details studies... cool

Laurel Paley from Los Angeles
Mon May 14 13:25:30 EDT 2001

fergus stewart from Manchester College of Arts & Technology
Mon May 14 09:06:26 EDT 2001
Lovely, clean sight, well laid out, easy to navigate and very informative.

Simone Hon from Malaysia
Sun May 13 03:19:34 EDT 2001
It is fantastic!

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Jen from toronto
Thu May 10 20:36:57 EDT 2001
thanx for this inspirating site! it helpz a lotz and gives interestin ideas to a gr. 11 yearbook student!

patrick from shanghai
Thu May 10 03:19:58 EDT 2001
wonderful job, great website, thank you indeed for so much inspiration! keep up!

Paul Holzer from Sacunas and Saline, Harrisburg PA
Wed May 9 11:20:08 EDT 2001
Nice to see such studies on this element of design.

vivy from here ^.^
Tue May 8 19:54:23 EDT 2001
yes... i really like the way the webmaster/mistress designed this site... http://www.envy.nu/vivyd/

L. Ullmer from Green Bay, WI USA
Tue May 8 12:07:58 EDT 2001
Excellent Web site design, very concise and informative. In my analyzation assignment of web design, I gave you an 'A'. Keep up the good work!

L. Ullmer from Green Bay, WI USA
Tue May 8 12:05:44 EDT 2001
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Sat May 5 21:25:31 EDT 2001
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Fri May 4 20:33:18 EDT 2001
Typography is the most fascinating boring thing in the world!

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Ross Minton from Telford
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Tue May 1 08:30:06 EDT 2001
An excellent resourch for my Typography Students. Keep up the great work!

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Tue May 1 08:07:24 EDT 2001
Inspiringly Creative!!! Limited Ideas but highly effective

P$y from fatjungle.com
Thu Apr 26 23:29:12 EDT 2001
im a big fan of graphics and i started out as a kid playing with fonts, this is a great website!

Mnica Tappan from Mxico City
Thu Apr 26 12:43:36 EDT 2001
This is amaizing, typographics are just wonderful

Natalie Padilla from The Bronx T.N.G.
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Typographic is a awesome website to look for information!!

Natalie Padilla from The Bronx T.N.G.
Thu Apr 26 10:22:18 EDT 2001
Typographic is a awesome website t look for information!!

Junichi Kumagai from Tokyo Japan
Thu Apr 26 09:51:31 EDT 2001
How beautiful shapes of alfabet is! And I want to know beauty of chinese character. I will make the website about calligraphy of asian character.When I make it,I'll be back.See you till then.

Ross Phillips from PETERBORUGH
Thu Apr 26 07:39:09 EDT 2001
Fresh new typographer FROM UNi who likes new design, hoping to get into the industry. At my 1st stepping stone as a Mac,op. GETTING BORD

Priscilla McDannis from Bronx
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Priscilla McDannis from Bronx
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This look hot and i like the design

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Eugene James 'Dusty' Miller from somewhere in the USA
Fri Apr 20 12:58:45 EDT 2001
Very concise and informative. Might be of use to someone to have some examples of the creative uses of typography... 'concrete' poetry, advertising, etc.

Thomas Mercado from pHillipinEs
Fri Apr 20 07:09:34 EDT 2001
kickass!, can't seem to play the mp3 samples though.

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Ii was really excited when serching through this site. The graphics are amazing, trully beautiful typography. I stumbled across this site whilst researching 'typography'. I did not find much information, but instead gained much more beneficial inspiration for my work from the images supplied on your site. Definately a site that I will be returning to many times in the future.

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An excellent web site. It has given me much inspiration for my poetry. Thanks.

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Great Site! I'm learning a lot. Especially liked the studies section. Great job.

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What is a thin space? I can't remember.

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It is a nice website, but there isn't any pictures....

SummerFM from Malaysia
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SummerFM from Malaysia
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need more typpgrapy good design typo & it a good site for research!!!

Esther Warren from UK
Fri Apr 13 09:41:30 EDT 2001
Nice layout, good use of graphic. I would like to find out more about Typography, but your explaination is too general and I personally didn't learn a great deal from your site. I believe if you could be more thorough and technical, the potential of this site could be one of the great study of Typo.

msreen4950@msn.com from RI
Thu Apr 12 12:21:13 EDT 2001
came to your site to find Spencer Tunick but no luck

Bobby Bradford from Toronto Canada
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Checking out your site for Typography II. York/Sheridan Graphic Design. Great use of type as graphics!

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I found the site to be very interesting. I wish there were more sites like yours. It's hard to find them now these days.

Adam Sullivan from Edinboro university
Mon Apr 2 19:57:16 EDT 2001
this site is really interesting, my teacher recomended it

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I love type, I wish there were more sites out there like this that include both education and entertainment. Woo hoo!

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inspiration is perspiration of the soul

SUHY from the Falls...baby!
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jestle from Washington, Iowa
Sun Apr 1 15:50:07 EDT 2001
Interesting for the novice. I enjoyed the glossary and bibliography to use for futher study.

elaine chai from malaysia
Sun Apr 1 11:00:51 EDT 2001
cool site... especially the timeline... i wonder the power of typographic for arts, design and space in architecture... hope your site will update always escpecially for the new digital world email:elaine_mill@usa.net

SangBoo from cinksb@yahoo.co.kr
Sun Apr 1 05:24:07 EDT 2001
Good Site!! ^^ There are many sights to see in typographic.

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Sat Mar 31 11:47:30 EST 2001
an old typographer who came up through the ranks, ha ha ha! Not a bad site!

Bert from Belgium, Brussels
Fri Mar 30 05:27:47 EST 2001
I need some font for my boss: ITC century light condensed ITC century book condensed ITC century bold condensed ITC century light italic condensed and also: Adobe Helvetica Neue 45 light Adobe Helvetica Neue 65 Medium Adobe Helvetica Neue 75 Bold I hope you can help me!! mail me at bert_estercam@email.com Adobe Helvetica Neue 45 Light italic

cheri from texas
Wed Mar 28 20:36:54 EST 2001
i've kinda been wanting to know how to MAKE my own font...it would be cool to have downloads on this site on free demo-software to make fonts. by the way...pilot type is def. my fave :)

Netscaper from US
Wed Mar 28 16:42:56 EST 2001
Please fix the HTML. The front page shows up blank in NS Communictor 4.73

Peter from Norway
Wed Mar 28 06:39:53 EST 2001
I like your site, but miss more detailed information about different periods and the creators behind the different types. Love the Pilot-type!

ryin kobza from legibilityville
Tue Mar 27 16:55:07 EST 2001
it's all wank.

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Melanie from England
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this site is top for reseach. heading into a long typographic unit at college and this site was great!!!

Tommy from Hong Kong
Mon Mar 26 13:02:08 EST 2001
Very detailed. But i wanna find the information of "StopD" font....have anyone of you heard of/seen it?i need the meaning of the font.

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This site is very useful for those learning to diffirientiate the styles of type. The site itself is very interactive.

Maurice Robinson from South Carolina State University
Wed Mar 21 14:44:43 EST 2001
The site enlightens the user about the origin and various aspects of typography

Derrick Boyd from South Carolina State University
Wed Mar 21 14:43:41 EST 2001
This site is very informative and also very helpful to young design students by use a interactive format.

Rashad Edward from SCSU
Wed Mar 21 14:43:08 EST 2001
Site is very interesting. Just a little too interactive, I found some interesting info on accident after playing with the style and spacing buttons. I think the format should be more simplified for important info. Or have it set up in a plain alternate format.

Terrea from SCSU
Wed Mar 21 12:24:33 EST 2001
This site is very insightful!

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Eric Bomar from South Carolina State University
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I felt like this web site is effective in teaching students the history and effectiveness of using typography. I feel that everyone should learn what typography can do.

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graphicly cool

Jonathan Walsh from SCSU & Bamberg, SC
Sun Mar 18 18:05:41 EST 2001
Really great interface and interactivity and beautiful overall design, clean, sophisticated, and great at exploring some concepts in typography. Will use it as a teaching tool for my design students.

Dana from Spokane, WA
Fri Mar 16 20:50:29 EST 2001
I love Ty PoGr ApHy ! It makes my day to see so many people from around the world that have the same love for letters as I do!!! Toodles...

Jaeuk, Jeong from jjuk21@lycos.co.kr
Thu Mar 15 20:18:49 EST 2001
cool, very good, I like TyPOgraphy. See you again!

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Information and design in a really gifted synthesis. A piece of web-ART!

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Fernando Hoyos from The Mohegan School
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Beautiful site. Great to see the timeline, now I have something historic yo share with my students. Thank you.

jenna hill from blackburn college
Thu Mar 8 09:20:03 EST 2001
I found your website unuseful and sparse.

alison from toronto, canada
Wed Mar 7 14:32:25 EST 2001
really cool, looking at the gallery. do u know of any of other sites with stuff like that? alison_d_lam@hotmail.com

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Sum One from New york
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E X C E L L E N T !!! Thanks a lot! Your site is very informative and interesting. It help me a lot in my Graphic Design studies class.

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Great, thank you it was really useful!(the typo stuff)

Thu Mar 1 12:37:56 EST 2001
WELCOME site iyi ama yazacak pek biey yok ocuklar

Wed Feb 28 17:29:22 EST 2001

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I love typo. thanks for this site!

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Wed Feb 21 22:18:40 EST 2001
I am a graphic design student and my current project is on ... TYPOGRAPHY. This is a fabulous site with lots of information and inspiration which also looks beautiful. Well done!

Izm Moonshine from Blue Moon, Planet Truth
Wed Feb 21 15:10:08 EST 2001
Nice work! Good reference point for true blue graf writers to find out what its really all about...letterforms, visual poetix, symbol creation from imagination, symbolization...

Jen Ewaski from University of Hartford Art School
Tue Feb 20 12:56:43 EST 2001
I am a sophmore Graphic Design student and am interested in looking at other designers and internships and job opprotunity.

Hoe_stR from MALAYSIA!
Mon Feb 19 12:47:29 EST 2001
very best, best! this site is going to help me A LOT for my "design studies" class...typography is our first lesson! THANK YOU! i already bookmarked this page...thank you for helping me out with my studies...THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! *MUAH*

hadas from israel
Fri Feb 16 07:05:05 EST 2001
the sight looks good but i expected to find some refreshing fonts in here

Yani Afrianto from Jl. Gendingan Pandansari VI/398 Semarang 50139-Indonesia
Fri Feb 16 02:51:22 EST 2001
Send me your typographic book please! Thank you

Yani Afrianto from Jl. Gendingan Pandansari VI/398 Semarang 50139
Fri Feb 16 02:49:37 EST 2001

m o n k e e (0_o) from your i m a g i n a t i o n.
Thu Feb 15 18:12:37 EST 2001
Very c o o l. Helped m e with my g r a p h i c d e s i g n c l a s s. There should more c r a p like this on the n e t.

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Phoebe Yee Shiew Hoon from Malaysia/ Johor, Kluang
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Great site! i like it. I hope i can have more informatiom.

Phoebe Yee Shiew Hoon from Malaysia/ Johor, Kluang
Mon Feb 12 00:42:17 EST 2001
Great site! i like it. I hope i can have more informatiom.

Phoebe Yee shiew Hoon from Malaysia/Johor,Kluang
Mon Feb 12 00:37:01 EST 2001
Great site! i like it! I hope i can have more information.

akulah from newcastle
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Renee Levitt from Pratt, UCONN/Stamford, CCNY
Sun Feb 11 22:02:58 EST 2001
Great typography - great site! It is real contrast to the annoying banner animation.

Jonatham from Venezuela
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realmente es un site fabuloso!

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Very good web site. It has been very helpfull. Thanks!

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Fabulous sight. I love the headers

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I loved the Gallery it helped me with my homework

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Great website - I have looked at every page. I hope it gets expanded in the future.

Hee Young Chung from korea
Mon Feb 5 03:30:06 EST 2001
very nice site....

brenda from mexico
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brenda mejia from mexico
Sun Feb 4 21:14:24 EST 2001

Brandon Melchior from California Institute of the Arts
Sat Feb 3 21:38:30 EST 2001
02.03.01 I just visited this site today after seeing it on the Razorfish site. This is a great site and will be a huge help to me in studying typography. I was wondering if it would be possible to implement a way in which when you rolled your mouse over a typeface you use in the design of these pages, the name of that face would pop up. That would help design students begin to identify typefaces and see how they are used.

Sandra Coleman from SCOLEMAN02@blackplanet.com
Sat Feb 3 14:28:56 EST 2001
Great Site!

Bobbie Gonzales from bgent@laplaza.org
Thu Feb 1 16:52:49 EST 2001
I could feel the passion behind some of the examples shown in your gallery, ie, the romance of the Valentine Letter, and the childhood memories of the hispanic artist.

Dana Dahlquist from Computer Master Training Centre
Wed Jan 31 13:17:24 EST 2001
We found much valuable information, well presented, on your site.

anomynous from a secret place
Wed Jan 31 06:43:30 EST 2001
hey all these entries are fake. Look there is one from every country in the world!!! its a sham of a mockery of a mockery of a sham!

jenny from scunny
Wed Jan 31 06:40:29 EST 2001
ermmm great

Simon Griffee from Brazil (currently based in Rome, Italy)
Wed Jan 31 05:50:11 EST 2001
What a fantastic site! It's beautiful, educational and interactive. I just wish you could get rid of the RSUB banner on top - it takes away from the site's effect. -Simon Griffee sgriffee@lycos.com

Tue Jan 30 10:20:58 EST 2001

Zinglles from USA
Tue Jan 30 02:37:47 EST 2001

Michelle from Seattle
Mon Jan 29 12:52:16 EST 2001
I forgot. Griffo worked for Aldus. It may have been Aldus's idea (or so he claims), but Griffo implemented it.

Michelle from Seattle, WA
Mon Jan 29 12:29:57 EST 2001
Where is Aldus on your timeline? Wasn't he the one that invented the first italic type?

alejandro ramos diaz from mexico
Mon Jan 29 01:29:56 EST 2001
good reserch brothers

Nicole from Hong Kong
Mon Jan 29 00:58:31 EST 2001
I like this site!

ana paredes from El Paso Texas
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I'm studying graphic design and what i love the most is typography, this site is really incredible....

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keep on doing the good work!

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Jessica from Sweden
Wed Jan 24 05:16:16 EST 2001
One of the most beautiful sites on typography!

Tobias Nymark from Sweden
Tue Jan 23 07:06:52 EST 2001
what are you talking about???? VOLT by Taylor Deupree, kicks Pilots AS....

Stef an Edlun d from Sw ede n
Tue Jan 23 06:47:14 EST 2001
I like Pilot by Magnus Rakeng. It look great. Typo is not dead... allright!

Gonzalo Javier Pereyra Doval from Rosario - Santa Fe - Argentina
Mon Jan 22 14:13:11 EST 2001
Sin dudas, esta es la mejor pgina tipogrfica que he visto en mi vida. Felicitaciones.

Wer from Mxico
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Me gust mucho su pgina es muy completa e interesante bravo!

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mcginness sux.

Andrew Dickrell from Madison, WI
Thu Jan 18 13:33:51 EST 2001
I know I'm a geek when I get excited about typography. I also know that you guys put together a site that is exciting for those non-geeks like my wife. Great job!

Jose Antonio from Miami, Florida
Wed Jan 17 17:38:56 EST 2001
Great site, very informative. It is good to know that in today's "graphic world" typography is not dead and that somebody else out there cares about it.

colleen terrell from auburn university, alabama
Wed Jan 17 16:28:25 EST 2001
a beautiful site! helped me out in my type class. thanks, colleen terrell junior in graphic design

Jared from typophile.com
Tue Jan 16 17:04:50 EST 2001
Gratuitous plug!

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I really dislike daniel butler.

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I really dislike french.

Mark J. Karmel from Portage High School
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Just wanted to drop a small line to tell you how great your site is. I'll definitely send my students to it

carlos from spain
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It is a nice balance between the old en the modern. Thanks.....

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!Me Cabezea es Loco! from Da Streets
Sat Jan 13 15:58:12 EST 2001
!Tu las papas fritas es muy bueno! Me encanta tu perro con pequenio manos

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Very nice site!

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Excellant presentation, Shows how the use of typography can reach the soul.

Wed Jan 10 05:18:37 EST 2001
A Fantastic site well put together and a help to any student this web's useful

radhika tipnis from mumbai
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Kirsty from England
Mon Jan 8 12:49:15 EST 2001
As im doing GCSE art im am open to all concepts of art. I am studying Neville Brody a British typographic artist and was interested in learning more about typography and this site has given me an insite into just that! Thanks alot!

Garrett Ingraham from swampcave productions
Mon Jan 8 12:35:41 EST 2001
tatertots n' chocolate pudding!

Garrett IngraHAM from swampcave productions
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Garrett IngraHAM from swampcave productions
Mon Jan 8 12:25:19 EST 2001

catina from malaysia
Mon Jan 8 11:01:33 EST 2001
i like the contents esp. the way the Timeline is presented. And, i feel that the way theTypography title designed can be improved. btw, i hope that contents will be added from time to time!

parkjinsun from hicreative2000@hanmail.net
Mon Jan 8 10:33:38 EST 2001
Iam from korea do you know korea? I am interestin typographic and I studing desgin and I love to desgin but I will very hard studing I like to study bodoni I hope read you very very thanks beacuse your homepage I hope to good desinger

mark anthony peralta from netasia
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as a design student a site of this information is extremely valable to me and other students alike.

marvinyong from malaysia
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iam a graphic desogn&advertising student so..i would like to know more about the typograpic like...more examples.... pictures..thank you.. clon3korean@hotmail.com

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Vicky from Argentina
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I started with metal type and bookmaking. Typography is a discipline and has a rich and powerful history and should not be forgotten.

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does anyone know where I can get a copy of 'Designed Books' by Merle Armitage, (1938), Wehye books.

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I study graphic design I love typography & graphics 2 of course

Birdie from Ireland
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I study graphic design I love typography & graphics 2 of course

birdie from ireland
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Liz from India
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came upon it by accident..by the end of it all I was hooked. am converted..:):) plan to come back soon for more... ze best to you all!

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tina from Belgium
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came upon it by accident..by the end of it all I was hooked. am converted..:):) plan to come back soon for more... ze best to you all!

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Rata from Portugal
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Eric Mark Crampton from Keighley, West Yorkshire
Wed Nov 22 17:59:49 EST 2000
Studying OCA Art & Design DTP Stage B Level 3 Also C&G Teacher/Trainer 7307 Courses

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Needs more info on specific dates-abit vague but good!

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Rachel Thistlewood from Bristol
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wicked site m8 i learnt quite alot. Its good dat sum1 like u is on the net to provide such quality information. Im onna graphics course in my first year and have found this site usefull. If u get the time i wondered if u could help me find a site with good examples of type from the 1920s, im doin a project on jazz an want sumthin that gives a gangsta feel. if u can please e-mail me it would b much appreciated . michael

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Bozena Kirejczyk from Sacramneto, California
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I love your site! Great job!

Craig Van Wieren from Holland, MI
Wed Oct 11 17:44:24 EDT 2000
Very interesting information regarding typography, especially through the perspective of evolution and how letter forms took shape. Actually, I am a graphic designer at Grand Valley State University. Currently I'm just getting my feet wet in Typography, and we are required to write a paper on a typographer. I happened to choose Matthew Carter. Although, I am having some trouble finding information on him. Anyways, I enjoyed your site, and I'll check back in another time. later vanwierc@gvsu.edu

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you guys rock!

Anna Smith from Birmingham, England
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i am doing an a-level project on typography and i was wondering whether you could help me by giving me any information possible on the designer/created of the heading especially the evolution one. Thank you . If you could please contact me at anna_smith@kechg.biblio.net

Nicole Smelik from Perry Hall, Maryland
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Stephan Marsh itismei@aol.com from SIU-Carbondale
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Fatima Celestino from Johanesburg - South Africa
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Xuan Nguyen from Boston
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I have found this web site extremely useful. I am doing a BTEC National Diploma in Graphic Design at college and we have been asked to do a project on the history of typography. This website has provided me with a great deal of research, thankyou.

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i think this is one of the best for studying typography big thanx to you all (it helps me with my course work(GD BTEC ND))

Thu Sep 28 04:45:14 EDT 2000

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good page but i couldn't print out all of the time line! i especially liked the design of the page and the layout. there is a lot of usefull info here. Keep up the good work! sam ;)

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...exploration and a good-time. so much beauty in the letterform, congrats!

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yeh im doin a project on typography so if u got ne thing at all! on the subject can u send it to my e-mail address cheers jonesy1com@hotmail.com thanx

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Jinhee from Seoul
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Harold Segal from The Private Press of Harold Segal, Philadelphia, PA
Tue Sep 19 17:17:38 EDT 2000
Computer and Letterpress

Harold Segal from The Private Press of Harold Segal
Tue Sep 19 17:15:12 EDT 2000
Computer and Letterpress

James Swann from Eckington 6th form (Sheffield) UK
Tue Sep 19 05:43:02 EDT 2000
Research at last, yey!

Ukpong E. Ukpong from HND Student, Department Graphic Design, Yaba College of Technology, Lagos, NIGERIA
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Nothing else explains to me the dynamics of Types and Typography as seen in your superb illustration in this site. Keep up the good work. There is more to typography than one could ever imagine right here. Kudos

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Piotr Skonieczny from inch by inch
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a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 ... How can something so simple give us so much aesthetic and functional pleasure? I smile with you,

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gerald peloux from paris (france)
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great site. working on the history of the japanese typography in the 20ies, i found this site very refreshing and not so borring as other ones.

Walciran Rodrigues from Brazil
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Parabns aos responsavis pelo desenvolvimento de um site excepcional sobre tipografia, tanto do ponto de vista do design grfico, como principalmente do ponto de vista informativo.

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katsu from Japan
Mon Sep 11 10:06:44 EDT 2000
Very great typography! I like this gallery. http://uk.geocities.com/eao1981/

Aileen Dickie - thedickies@stronvaar.fsnet.co.uk from SCOTLAND!
Fri Sep 8 14:00:25 EDT 2000
I am an HND graphic design student doing an essay on "The factors that influence type design and typographic applications" - Any help is greatly appreciated even if it is only to point me in the right direction!

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Chrissie from Northern Virginia Community College
Tue Sep 5 23:52:09 EDT 2000
I am currently doing a layout about the history and form of Gill Sans. I am looking for specific information regarding this font. Can you help?

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Mon Sep 4 17:27:58 EDT 2000
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henry leikach from baltimore, maryland
Sun Sep 3 18:22:58 EDT 2000
i was helping a friend of my daughter w, who needed information on the snell font and was pulled into your site. it was very interesting and informative and i now have a greater appriciation of type fonts.

judi from germany
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Mike Friedman from Hong Kong
Sun Sep 3 05:14:14 EDT 2000
Very good. But the Type as Image section is broken...

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eliz from SlackerWerks productions
Mon Aug 28 13:48:53 EDT 2000
yet another great site to feed my love of typography- this site has more substance, with an interest in the classics and roots of type. i like the timeline and gallery. how about sources where to obtain fonts and typefaces?

Mon Aug 28 10:49:18 EDT 2000

howard potter from utica
Mon Aug 28 08:59:49 EDT 2000
it is very interesting

Sun Aug 27 13:53:59 EDT 2000
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Nataska Bugay from Brazil
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This is one of the best sites about typography I've ever seen. It has a great interface and the informations are clear and well arranged.

Nataska Bugay from Brazil
Sat Aug 26 16:13:54 EDT 2000
This is one of the best sites about typography I've ever seen. It has a great interface and informations are clear and easy to get.

Sam Meggers from Canberra
Sat Aug 26 00:49:23 EDT 2000
I liked this, but it didn't really give me the information that I needed for an essay I have to write on the history of typography - maybe that's something that you could put in for other design students as myself.

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student who needs to design the basis for a font in one day. This is great eye candy for inspiration but I'm still stuck, where can i see more?

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shells from india
Fri Aug 11 14:58:04 EDT 2000
i am applied art student & have done mager in tpography, it was glad to vist ur site & happy that someone carries about typography. so please keep it up

shells from india
Fri Aug 11 14:57:58 EDT 2000
i am applied art student & have done mager in tpography, it was glad to vist ur site & happy that someone carries about typography. so please keep it up

shells from india
Fri Aug 11 14:57:53 EDT 2000
i am applied art student & have done mager in tpography, it was glad to vist ur site & happy that someone carries about typography. so please keep it up

shells from india
Fri Aug 11 14:57:41 EDT 2000
i am applied art student & have done mager in tpography, it was glad to vist ur site & happy that someone carries about typography. so please keep it up

marc from mgravel@sprint.ca
Fri Aug 11 12:57:14 EDT 2000
can anyone tell me whatever happen to the font called CLARO???

mariana from buenos aires. argentina
Thu Aug 10 23:04:34 EDT 2000

stan fine from new york
Thu Aug 10 15:32:14 EDT 2000
I am teaching an introductory type course to freshman at Pratt institute. Do you have any basic materials that I can use and/or hand out to students? I am an experienced graphic designer/art director/teacher. At one time I had access to individual font booklets that were issued to type directors, when I worked for the big agencies. I'm trying to make students aware of the beauty and function typography. Introduce them to the classics; Bodoni, Bookman, Century, Goudy, Swiss gothics, etc. Besides teaching them the history of type and how it evolved into today's computer format, I want to show them styles. Up close. To see the form, curves and grace of letters. How they connect in the most beautiful and fascinating ways. I would really appreciate your help, if possible. Thank you. Stan Fine 212 784 9112 400 Chambers St. 18P New York, NY 10282

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have loved type since my first job on a Compugraphic typesetter back in 1976 in a graphics studio. thanks!!

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Sat Jul 29 00:00:34 EDT 2000
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Thu Jul 27 05:12:03 EDT 2000
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Tania Ezannsky from singapore
Wed Jul 26 23:53:42 EDT 2000
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i used to think i had a flair for working with fonts..until, my teacher in my graphic design course, announced, that i'm pretty pathetic with the typo scenario. Flush went my confidence, and all that sort of thing... so i was lookin around for help, in order to develope my skills on this front, and i'm glad i chanced upon this particular site, which seems to give, pretty much selflessly, to lost and unfound souls such as myself. I wish the makers of this site, the most resplendant future, and life ahead. and Thank you, for showing me.

daisy from india
Mon Jul 10 12:38:14 EDT 2000
i used to think i had a flair for working with fonts..until, my teacher in my graphic design course, announced, that i'm pretty pathetic with the typo scenario. Flush went my confidence, and all that sort of thing... so i was lookin around for help, i order o develope my skills on this front, and i'm glad i chanced upon this particular site, which seems to give, pretty much selflessly, to lost and unfound souls such as myself. I wish the makers of this site, the most resplendant future, and life ahead. and Thank you, for showing me.

Yuri Trushin from Texas Tech University
Fri Jul 7 16:04:49 EDT 2000
Good for beginners, amateurs and sometimes even professionals. Thank you for good job.

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jesx/greenwoman studio from upstate ny
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I don't need to take a graphic design class with a site like yours around. Thanks, from a former full-time stone carver (my first use of typography--older than old school, ancient) cum web graphic designer.

Claudio Costa from Brasil
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Hi, my english is very bat, but i can leave a small mensage without problems. I like to study about typography and this site is a perfect source of knowledge about this. Thank you, and excuse-me.

namhee from korea
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very good

Awana Black from Mississippi
Tue Jun 27 17:33:41 EDT 2000
Happy to know that there are others who are as interested as I am about typeface! It has been a hobby since I discovered old trays of type in the print shop where I worked as a teenager. Fascinating! Thanks!

pompey from mars
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cool site baby

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Love it!!!!

Diego Merello from Milan (Italy)
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usefull site, but a little poor in describing the history if Typografy

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i'm a graphics design student..who found this site extremely informative and interesting,helpfull as well! keep it up!

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Eduardo Alvarez from Dominican Republic
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Eduardo Alvarez from Dominican Republic
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Hui-Suk Han from Sunny So.CALIF.
Tue Jun 20 23:01:12 EDT 2000
I'm a graphic designer in Long Beach, Calif. Very cool and informative site! Keep up the good work!

Ginny Strohm from New Castle, Delaware
Tue Jun 20 22:47:12 EDT 2000
I'm putting together a training program for our advertising design staff at the newspaper. Great information. Any hard copy training materials available? Thanks

Ginny Strohm from New Castle, Delaware
Tue Jun 20 22:46:39 EDT 2000
I'm putting together a training program for out advertising design staff at the newspaper. Great information. Any hard copy training materials available? Thanks

Gustav Greffrath from South Africa
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I am an Information Design student at The University of Pretoria. Great site, one of the best on typography.

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Quite Good!! I really like this site!! the 1st time i visit, i really struck speechless!

Debbie Basile from Walsingham Elementary - 5th Grade teacher Largo, FL
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I liked this site. It was great to learn all the terminology. I will use this site in the fall to teach my 5th graders about legibility and fonts. Thanks for creating this!

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A top site, nice to see a site dedicated to the wicked subject of Typography

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all about digital typography in one easy stop, fanastic resource, I'm prescribing it to my students

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Violet Weed, Master Typographer since 1963, Advertising Typographer's Union, AFL-CIO from Miami Beach; Honolulu; Johnston Atoll (sopac); San Francisco
Sun Apr 27 14:03:52 EDT 1997
Johann Gutenberg did NOT invent movable type, in EUROPE that honor belongs to Johann Fust who HIRED Gutenberg to be the pressman. HOWEVER movable type was first invented by the Emperor of Korea in the 12th century. He was a scholarly man who wanted to see all his subjects literate... he succeeded. The idea of movable type was carried brought back to Europe by traders. Oh, what else? If you are "into" typography, then why is your type laid out so poorly on your opening page? Did no one ever explain the "building block" aspect of good type to you? And the quote on the "typo" page has a semicolon where a pause character is more appropriate (em dash or simple comma). Violet Weed BFA, Rhode Island School of Design B.S. Math, NYU M.S. Math, MIT M.S. CompSci, (UCSF) MBA, International Marketing, Heriot-Watt U, Scotland PhD, Eastern Studies, East-West Assn, Hawaii/Singapore Author of: Aunty Annie's Advice to the Lovelorn and Budget Cookery (1961) The Significance of Computer's in Today's Society (1980) Advertising Typography and Design Fundamentals for the Desktop Publisher (1985) Putungwah: A Beginner's Guide to Communicating in Mandarin (1989) Doing Business with the Chinese: A Woman's Perspective (1995) What the Heart Knows... The Soul Forgives (in progress)

INTERNET TRANSLATIONS from Inttransla@aol.com
Sun Apr 27 10:36:54 EDT 1997
LES SPECIALISTES DE LA TRADUCTION: Interesses par partenariats et mes services vite contactez-nous LANGUES ANGLAISE et FRANCAISES

INERNET TRANSLATIONS from Euralille, France
Sun Apr 27 10:34:22 EDT 1997
The unique choice of Translation in France: INTERNET TRANSLATION #222 EMERAUDE, 148 ALLEE DE LIEGE F.59777.EURALILLE,France. TEL 33 3 20 51 99 99 FAX 33 3 20 31 99 33 E-mail: Inttranslaaol.com

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Sat Apr 26 19:21:19 EDT 1997
Coooool!!! like every things about typography and would like to know more about. Maybe some links to other site ? I 'm looking for the Designers Republic home page!!!

Laura Leahy from Northern Virginia
Sat Apr 26 13:37:35 EDT 1997
good job

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Sat Apr 26 03:41:33 EDT 1997
You have a created a beautiful and useful resource for people interested in typography everywhere.

Cameron Poulter from Chicago
Fri Apr 25 23:53:55 EDT 1997

Demian Battit from The University of Connecticut School of Fine Arts
Fri Apr 25 14:17:35 EDT 1997
Hey, why didn't Hermann Zapf make the timeline?

Valentijn Langendorff from The Netherlands, Amsterdam, Student HKU Graphic Design
Fri Apr 25 12:11:48 EDT 1997
My compliments for this site. It's the first site i've seen only dedicated to typography! Keep on the good work! my page: http://www.globalxs.nl/home/v/vgraph (uhhhh........always under construction!) e-mail:vgraph Best regards, Valentijn Langendorff

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Dragi prijatelji, Sjajna strana. Sjajan koncept. Dobra komunikacija rusi barijere. Iako ne razumete o cemu se radi. Zivela rakija.

Dr Speed from Belgrade, Yugoslavia
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Dig the page, join the revolution....

martha kuerzl from martha.kuerzl@munich.netsurf.de
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This really neat! Any design topics are more than welcome as the internet is so "off-design" many times. Thanks.

cameron poulter from chicago
Tue Apr 22 16:16:05 EDT 1997
let's have a looksee

kristi antonneau from rochester, wisconsin
Tue Apr 22 13:15:20 EDT 1997
what is important here is that you might teach someone that typography is not about the latest "fonts", but about the beauty and thought process behind each letterform's creation. I found this site a breath of fresh air from the usual. It is a great start, I expected more content. Maybe in the future you could develop it more. It could be a potential source for students and designers who have been out of school and would like to update their knowledge. I would even use this as an educational link listed on our site.

Tue Apr 22 09:20:36 EDT 1997
I like Type, Typo, Typi, Typa, Typu Lovely Site..

Shane K. from Auckland , New Zealand
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Beautiful site. Very stylish, and a work of art in it's own right!

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carola gueldner from hamburg
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j. b. sclisizzi from toronto
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lovely site. and good integration of shockwave. i only wish more sites were as tasteful ...

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It was helpful to an extent. We were hoping to find more information about the history of Typeography related to today.

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Clearlight Fonts

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Sun Apr 20 15:17:11 EDT 1997
Very interesting content Great use of Java and Shockwave

Nathan Doughty from Rice University
Sun Apr 20 00:09:05 EDT 1997
slick interface for the tutorial -linked here from Webmonkey.

gch from gr, mich
Sat Apr 19 18:06:22 EDT 1997
Nice site. You need to get of the blink tag someone put in this document tho. The whole thing is blinking....

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Sat Apr 19 18:00:47 EDT 1997
Been visiting your site for some time now. You even have a link on MY web page www2.southwind.net/~bhaney. Thank you for quality stuff.

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I can't stop visiting your page...

Jason C. Zimdars from University of Oklahoma
Thu Apr 17 10:50:42 EDT 1997
This site has been helpful in my study of typography. I love the masthead design. Email me at zimdars@aol.com

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I find this topic really appasionating, Its very satisfying to have sites like this one. Like me I think there are many of you who like typography, here's my email: leonardo@planet.com.mx Thanks

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a wonderful experience.

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Enjoyed your typography pages, maybe even learned some things that will stick.

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Keep up the good work!

John Graham from Cogito Learning Media, 235 Montgomery St, 27 fl, SF, CA 94104
Wed Apr 16 14:19:54 EDT 1997
Heard about your site and really love the gyst of it. I have designed books since 1987. As a relatively young whipper snapper--35--I must thank my elders, people like Harry and Sandra Reese of Turkey Press and Noel Young of Capra Press, both in Santa Barbara, CA, for turning me into such a typophile. The Desk Top Publishing Revolution nearly sunk the art of Type and the struggle is still there to explain the difference between a hyphen and an em dash. To explain a ligature is to come off sounding like an extremist. Oh, well. My favorite types are Baskerville, Janson, Caslon, the Futuras. I hate with a passion Bookman, Souvenir and Zapf Chancery. And please, let's reconsider the italic "g" in Galliard. Also, why doesn't Palatino just retire to Palm Springs and lay out by the pool! Thanks for your web site!

kermit from etobicoke
Wed Apr 16 14:19:28 EDT 1997

anne-sophie leens from university of humberside and lincolnshire, hull, uk
Wed Apr 16 14:10:08 EDT 1997
wouaw..... brilliant web site, brilliant graphic..... i just wished you had more stuff in... really really good anyway...... ta

Elizabeth May from Connecticut College
Wed Apr 16 13:50:15 EDT 1997
Your "gallery" pages are wonderful!

terbo ted from san francisco
Wed Apr 16 01:11:37 EDT 1997
most lovely lookin web site. your dedication to typography is highly evident-- but where's the beef? it takes about as much effort as building this web page as making a functional font... I'd much rather get my hands on some typeface you've made (that I can integrate into my work) than see your design ideology. Here's some free wacky fonts: http://www.atlasmagazine.com/terbolizard/asdf/fonts/ http://www.net22.com/qazingulaza/fonts.html

Joe Ciaramitaro from Brooklyn NY
Tue Apr 15 18:04:33 EDT 1997
Forget about it! The best site I ever seen

sd from berkeley, california
Tue Apr 15 17:49:01 EDT 1997
the effort put into creating the site definitely shows...however, the informational content seemed very thin. it seems to be typography for the sake of itself, which lacks purpose. i arrived here hoping for some insight on typography: historical, practical, and theoretical, but instead found mostly pretty pictures. the look and feel is impressive, but the content leaves much to be desired.

Fredrik Sandebert from Sweden
Tue Apr 15 14:25:26 EDT 1997
Very impressive.

bertrand morel from France
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very good

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A truly great experience, to be admired by all budding typographers!

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very educative - Enjoyed thoroughly.

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i'll try again... stunningly beautiful website! and a true inspiration for us amatours! i'll keep in touch...

anne-grete kaasbll from norway
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Now, I call this a true website! I can see the results what David Carson Started.Love your typography. By the way who is the art director of this site?

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great site. blah blah type rules. blah blah razorfish rules.

Alberto Flores Melena from universidad del Bajio, Guanajuato, mexico
Mon Apr 14 20:58:32 EDT 1997
add more information about typographic history since the stone age please.

Shawn Harrington from Texas
Mon Apr 14 17:32:36 EDT 1997
Typography is communication. And good communication is not layering a bunch of type all over the place randomly. Go back to Design 101, learn to appreciate the basics like legibility and style, and then get over yourselves.

Cassidy from LSY, Columbus, OH
Mon Apr 14 16:27:32 EDT 1997
I love typography, but hate typos. Check your home page, bottom paragraph, second line... This is a very informative and well designed site. I bookmarked it!

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the cult of idm passed here

martin pyper from amsterdam
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nice site, I'm just wondering how relevant classic type history is when there isn't any paper or printing involved...discuss

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great site!

Uri Ar from Israel
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great site

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This is the best of the web. Ive already made this site one of my favorites.

Peter Ringeisen from Amberg (Bavaria), Germany
Sat Apr 12 17:21:33 EDT 1997
This is a site where content and design match. Good job, well done. - Especially your timeline deserves the praise it already got in your guestbook. A little suggestion: How about including some samples with the sites linked to type designers' pages; if you tell me about Signore Bodoni, why not show me what his type looked like? - And another suggestion: How about including FontShop as a reference somewhere? - But, again, my compliments! - Peter.Ringeisen@asam.baynet.de

Sat Apr 12 10:49:36 EDT 1997

Vaughn Wolfe from PhotoGraphix
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Fri Apr 11 17:07:49 EDT 1997
This site provides a comprehensive look at typography. With more awareness of typography, maybe things won't be as boring, especially on the net.

Mongol from Lite Gin
Fri Apr 11 11:31:42 EDT 1997
This is very interesting

Carina from CIC, Sweden
Fri Apr 11 10:39:00 EDT 1997
Great information. Though it would have been great with a PDF-file on the timeline.

Dave & Dan from Tin Temple Communication Design, JHB,RSA
Fri Apr 11 06:44:35 EDT 1997
Great history and theory. Maybe introduce a more humanist/emotive quality to the site?

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I founded very good information, thanks.

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An intricately designed site......on my bookmark list!! Check out : (http://www.dockside.co.za/dunlyn/webdes/index.html)

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Thu Apr 10 13:43:20 EDT 1997

Ann Williams from Washington, DC
Thu Apr 10 11:49:38 EDT 1997
This is a beautiful site. It shows what can be done by someone who knows what they are doing. As a graphic designer it reminds me what I love about type and that typography truly is art!

Gabriel C. from Buenos Aires, Argentina
Thu Apr 10 10:51:12 EDT 1997
This is one of the best sites on Typography I've met. All the images are great, but the development of the timeline and the one that explains the tracking, kerning and leading show you really know about good design and typography. [My e-mail: gcelemin@clarin.com.ar

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It is delightful to look through your pages. As a calligrapher I find it an informing overview. I especially like the headings. Keep it up--

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I'm a Graphic Designer and have been looking to start designing web pages. There is a lot of web pages out there but, It's nice to view a well desged page. Now I know there's still hope. Thank you.

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beautyful design concept.

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beautifuly designed!

paul thompson from paul_m_thompson@notes.seagate.com
Tue Apr 8 11:14:05 EDT 1997
I like the layout. It has feeling without being over-bearing. I'm trying to learn HTML and graphics design. Can you tell me why (for the front page menu area) you chose a single image w/client-side image map vs. multiple images & anchors??

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great site! keep up the good work. good typography is a lost art.

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Lynda Armbruster from Rancho Santiago College, Orange, California
Sun Apr 6 00:02:33 EST 1997
As a former typographer, I really enjoyed your site! Thanks!

jochen from bauhaus-university weimar
Sat Apr 5 10:18:11 EST 1997
so what!?

deborah r mrantz from new grub street graphic design
Fri Apr 4 19:32:16 EST 1997
Love the site--it's beautifully done, and just what us typophiles can vibe to. However, some of us started our careers in type by simply practicing the fast-being-lost art of reading and writing. The syntax of your sentence that appears as a splash screen to the 'gallery' page is so poor it's embarrassing (sp?) to those who love the language and its respective letterforms. You might amend it in the spirit of appeasing cases such as I, who love the language and want to see it used well.

BriCkheAd from sweden
Fri Apr 4 14:16:49 EST 1997
Ride on!

j o h a n m i d e r b e r g from vstervik SWEDEN
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I just love what you guys is doing. COOL! There is just not letters... its art.

Tomassina Cicchini from The Web Magazine
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Your website received an excellent review in the May Issue of the Web Magazine. What is your physical address and who may I contact in your marketing department for potential business opportunities. Congratulations on a great website from a former English Major who collects antique books and appreciates originality. Best Regards, Tomassina Cicchini The Web Magazine You may contact me at 203-857-5135 or tomassina_cicchini@webmagazine.com

Marjaana Virta mvir@kaapeli.fi from Finland
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Typo Rules!

Kristin Daugherty from Jenswold, King & Associates, Houston, TX
Fri Apr 4 10:47:06 EST 1997
This site is gorgeous! You have done a commendable job. It's SO rare to find an elegant, not-too-chaotic, correctly spelled site -- congratulations!

Fri Apr 4 06:43:41 EST 1997

zachary conrad from rift design
Thu Apr 3 23:50:56 EST 1997
I liked the info on the fonts. I was hoping for more online examples of them however.

ken lozowski from edmonton, canada
Thu Apr 3 15:37:56 EST 1997
i liked the images in the gallery, and i enjoyed reading what fine typographers/designers frutiger, carter, brody etc. had to say about their craft, even if it was only one barely legible sentence for each. i'd like to see a little more on traditional typography, even thought it's evident that this site is a vehicle meant to display modern and avant-garde integration of type and design. also would be nice to see some more content on this site.

Adam Schirmer from New Jersey
Thu Apr 3 14:58:53 EST 1997
Finally, a typography website that's not cheesy...

Per Grenholm from Sweden
Thu Apr 3 03:28:47 EST 1997
Hey! I like your site, its cool and nice. But I miss the type Anna from ITC, its very nice to look at.

Domenico Bartolo from Sydney, Australia
Thu Apr 3 00:53:27 EST 1997
Yes, your site is cool but....um, the small size part of your site is supposed to be slim, with no java script! But when I checked the source document, to my surprise it contained Java script! Whats going on guys?

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Sirs, Madams... An Unreal site, as Geigerisc and Gibsonian as the best of them all. I shall link this to the Manus Nigrum at http://minna.cns.iit.edu/~goldpul for the Future. DS

michael lindsay from georgia state university
Tue Apr 1 16:14:18 EST 1997
pages are superficially beautiful. the timeline lacks any content...joe blow was born. joe blow dies. the terminology section is of value.

Deirdre Griffin from San Francisco
Tue Apr 1 14:55:20 EST 1997
So far so good...

Matt Jones from EvansGroup/Salt Lake
Tue Apr 1 14:06:43 EST 1997
A nice discovery. Its always refreshing to see the "classic" type faces used in contemporary settings. Especially when it rivals the new more funk groovey fonts. Thanks for the sensitivity to all aspects of our generally (ironic as it is) soft spoken art form.

thomas krul from same place
Tue Apr 1 13:04:50 EST 1997
hey, your text tag didn't keep the cool formatting of my last message tooo bad

thomas krul from softimage | microsoft
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simply inspirational up keep it

Edward Spencer from Zoo Design Group Australia
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Its great to see the skill and traditions of typography being applied to The New Media, cant a society or network be introduced for those true typographers. Your contribution is superb, ilook forward to viewing more inthe near future. Thanks.

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Srgio Fukushima from Curitiba - Paran - Brazil
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benoit hans from montreal qc canada
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you wrote : "... It aims to illustrate the depth and import of of type,..." Please correct. And give thyself a couple of ruler's smack on thy carpal tunnel. But not too hard, just as a reminder. Bye

Chris Girard from Active Web Marketing
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This is a nice looking site.

Kenneth Armstrong from metalmetalrobot@sympatico.ca
Sat Mar 29 23:39:32 EST 1997
This site is a definate reminder of what can be done to make web pages both functional and beautiful. This site screams potential as a learning tool for typography, it is unfortunate there isn't more content.

OJ Decena from Los Angeles
Sat Mar 29 14:01:15 EST 1997
Love the site

sexo. from figall@cooper.edu
Sat Mar 29 13:27:01 EST 1997
just found this provocative. besides type, do you deal with language?

Sat Mar 29 01:10:32 EST 1997

Matthew T. Kopytowski from Utica, New York
Fri Mar 28 20:06:36 EST 1997
Beautiful site. Finally the kind of recongition type should get.

Anthony Brinton from SpiralWest Interactive
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Your site is informative and inspiring to me as a designer and illustrator. Keep it up.

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Fri Mar 28 12:22:01 EST 1997
very simple and lovely. i can very much appreciate this channel.

Annie@ annie@smashing-pumpkins.com from IL
Fri Mar 28 00:04:21 EST 1997
I love all your fonts especially amoeba, but I want to download it so I can put it on my homepage...I don't even know if you can or how.

Noah Dziobecki from Parsons School of Design/THinc Design
Thu Mar 27 23:28:38 EST 1997
Here, I feel like I belongthat there are other geeks out there who love typography. Re: the comment elswhere in your site claiming rather smugly that good designers don't have to go to school, did you know you wanted to design when you were of school age. If so, why didn't you do everything in your power to go to a design school. It is true that a place like Parsons is not the only source of design knowledge (your site is good), but why whould anyone, given the opportunity, refuse schooling and try do gleam information for themselves if not for cocky (and self-depricating) reasons?

jaymz kilgore from eden prairie, mn.
Thu Mar 27 22:13:41 EST 1997
graphically enchanting!

David Vogler from David Vogler/Disney Online
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Great site!

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So thorough and wonderful! I love the interactive pages, the gallery, the interactive pages. All beautifully designed.

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John Zaia from San Francisco
Thu Mar 27 01:37:15 EST 1997
Great Page! Its given me a new fascination w/ typography.

Patty Quan from Your many classes (2)
Wed Mar 26 21:50:20 EST 1997
It was such a great idea to bring us in to look at all these great typo pages. You did a really thorough, informative and interesting page and I would like more time to see it all, will have to come back at a later time for sure. Thanks for everything Barbara. Your classes have been the highlight of an otherwise dull existance(all algebra, all the time!" Enjoyed it immensely.

stephen from NYC
Wed Mar 26 18:37:46 EST 1997
A Beautiful new guestbook, please feel free to add your comments.