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This is my friend Amandine. She's from Belgium and we met at a party in Chelsea a few months ago. She came up to me and asked me what my favorite book was. She said she was bored and looking for something good to read.

I told her to read "Under the Frog" by Tibor Fischer. She thanked me and walked away. Then about a month later she had gotten my number through our mutual friend whose party it was and called me to say thanks. We got together and had coffee and then we became friends.

I didn't wonder about whether or not she was gay until yesterday.

We were at this place called the Pink Pony on Ludlow Street. We were just sitting there for hours -- you know, one of those rainy afternoons when all you want to do is slouch around and talk. Then Amandine began touching my knee, and my hand ever-so-lightly with her finger...

OK, that's cool, I thought.

Then, idiot, I sort of freaked. "Oh shit, look what time it is! I gotta lotta shit to do!" I said, lamely, and tossed some money on the table and headed out into the rain.