I woke up late this morning because, well, I didn't sleep much last night. I was thinking about one year ago and the phone call and the chaos and the madness and the breathing. So I didn't wake up until about 10, which is already an hour late for my freelance job. And I took the train into Manhattan and then rushed out and grabbed a cab to go downtown.

I must have seemed really stressed, because the cab driver, this guy named Ajit, tells me to ease off.

"Slow down!" he says. "Too much pace not good for heart!"

That's when I just broke down and started crying. He pulled the cab over to the side and offered some advice: "Take the day off," he said. "Call in well. That's what I do when all is too much for brain!"

He was right. I went to pay him but he wouldn't take the money! "Have a day of enjoy!" he said.