My so-called friends have been asking me why it is I want to put the hideously boring details and otherwise stupid bullshit of my life up online like this.

For awhile I had some quick, ever-so-ironic answer at the fore, such as "I'm too shy to get a job as an exotic dancer," or "it's cheaper than seeing a shrink."

Well, I don't necessarily want to start things off in a minor key, but the real reason I'm doing this is because of Lucy. She died about a year ago

Lucy was my sister.

I said I didn't wanna go off on a quasi-existential downer. But here we go. Wisdom of the ages: Life is sweet. And it's short. And that's the reason I'll be putting certain episodes from my journals up on the Web (with a little help from some friends in the business).

So...welcome to THIS GIRL -- my journal, my father-confessor, my search for a new boyfriend and/or higher-paying freelance job, whichever comes first.

My name is Phoebe. And this is my life.