Marfrica O'Mally, one of the most inspirational people of all time, is known for more than just founding SRV. From her earliest days, she was always looking out for her peers and trying to make the world a better place. After deciding that a conventional education was a waste of time, Marfrica dropped out of high school with dreams of saving the world. She left her home town with nothing but a knapsack and $40,000 she had saved from selling holistic macramé bracelets to her friends. Even with these meager beginnings she was able to make herself a new life in a suburb of Chicago. She worked as a stylist and met people from all walks of life. It was these people that made her realize that humanity really did need her help.

One evening after a long days work, Marfrica was walking home and stumbled into a hopelessly dirty homeless man on the street. Without thinking twice she said, "Need a hand?" Ecstatically, the man reached out to Marfrica. She then spent the next three hours plotting out a daily exercise and facial regiment for him. The result: his complexion never looked cleaner and his body never felt better. It's moments like this that gave Marfrica the altruistic reputation that she has today.

Today, 40 years after she ran away from home with next to nothing, Marfrica is the founder and President of the Society for the Recapture of Virginity. She is still helping people and can often be heard saying, "It's the little people who made me who I am today."



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