Dr. Rachel Kadarinsky, Ph.D. is the chief programmer of VRS 3000. She was chosen for this task because she is an anomaly in the field of computer science. In contrast to her peers, she deliberately ignores the technical aspects of computer science and brings in a more human approach to programming. A prime example of this is her patented method of programming in endodecimal (base 11).

Over the years she has put together a team of top computer scientists, who have worked together for over 10 years. Promoting unity within the computer science community, they set an amazing example by always working together as a team on the same computer. The team members are: Jacob Freedom (son of JD Freedom, Vice President of SRV), Janice Unival, O.J. Rochand, Robert Lanham, and Xavier Morgan.

Dr. Rachel Kadarinsky's reputation speaks for itself. She and her team of developers are also responsible for software that has achieved critical and financial success, including Horoscope Helpers and HottenTots -- the child psychology program. In 1987, they won the Turning around Turing award for excellence in human/computer partnerships. She is also the author of Baah Binary, a computer science textbook about programming in endodecimal.

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