A. Certificate
The Society for the Recapture of Virginity proudly sends you an official certificate with your name on it. Signed by the president of SRV, the vice president of SRV, and the head inventor of the VRS 3000, this official document provides you with the proof you need the next time someone questions your virginity.

B. Badge
Don't wear your heart on your sleeve, wear your virginity! Designed by the founder herself, the official SRV badge is a limited edition collectors item that will only be sent to the first 500 applicants. Act now!

C. Virginator
A miracle of modern science, the Virginator is a fully operational biorhythm restructure band. Based on the information you give to the VRS 3000, a microchip is custom encoded with an unique algorithm. This microchip is then attached to a wristband, which you wear at night while you sleep. During the night, the microchip emits harmless radio waves which adjust and correct your virgin biorhythms. While you dream, your virginity will be restored. You will not feel a thing, but you will wake up a virgin!

These products are not available in any stores! They are essential to the recovery of your virginity and the beginning of your new life.

It's never too late to GET IT BACK!

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