Q: If my work is selected for publication, what do I get?

Your film will be prominently included on the RSUBOX home page.

We will provide promotional information for viewers, including a synopsis of your film, the names of the cast and crew, and extensive viewer feedback, by means of an automated rating system and audience reviews. Your film and its promotional material will both be accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

You will become qualified to win the RSUBOX weekly contest.

Q: What should I do to submit my work?

Fill out and mail RSUBOX's Terms of Service agreement and send us your film.

Q: What formats are acceptable?

Acceptable formats for submissions are VHS, CD-ROM, Zip disc, and Jaz disc.

Q: Is there any fee for processing?

No, there's no fee; however, entries will not be returned.

Q: How will my film look online?

RSUBOX incorporates top-of-the-line RealNetworks technology and Realflash Player with a bandwidth network of the highest quality for encoding and "streaming" video and audio over the Internet. Streamed content requires very little time for downloading, regardless of the length of a film, and can not be stored by viewers on their computers, so no one will have an unauthorized copy of your work.

Q: How does the contest work?

Submit your short film to the RSUBOX Short Film Contest, attain round-the-clock global exposure for your tormented artistic vision, catch crazy props from the new media underground, and maybe bag a free digital camera, or even our Grand Prize, a Sony DVD camera. We name new winner every week.

Round 1

If your work is selected for publication on the RSUBOX home page, you will be automatically entered into the RSUBOX Weekly Contest. Viewers around the world will rate your film on a scale of one to ten. The film that receives the highest ratings of the week will move on to compete for a digital camera in our Monthly Contest.

Round 2

Each month, four weekly winners will be rated by the RSUBOX audience. The film or animation with the highest ratings wins!

Round 3: The Grand Prize, a Mini DV Camera!

At the end of the year, RSUBOX will conduct a month-long competition for ratings among the twelve monthly winners. It works like this: each week, viewers will rate three short films or animations. The winners of each of these weeks, four in all, will then be in the running for our Grand Prize. The viewers will submit their ratings for these four final films, and the deserving filmmaker with the highest score gets the DV camera.

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